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Lessons from the new official social media guidelines for civil servants

The UK Cabinet Office published Social media guidance for civil servants today and broadly, it looks very progressive. There is also a lot to learn from it for other organisations concerned about social media use by staff. Some of the most interesting points concern trust and restrictions on social media, empowering staff, the role of HR and the purpose of a social media policy, and senior managers as role models for social media use.

“Social media is changing the way government works, and I believe it will have an increasingly important role to play in formulating and delivering government policy” ~ Sir Bob Kerslake, Head of the Civil Service, 4th May 2012

Social media guidance for civil servants explains that technical restrictions on social media access were instated in government offices before the benefits were perceived to outweigh the risks. But, as it acknowledges, ‘social media is likely to become as ubiquitous as email with many more, if not all, staff eventually needing to use it in some form as part of their work.’

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