How to use IFTTT to get new JRF/JRHT job vacancy alerts by text message

So I created a recipe using If This Then That so you can arrange to be alerted by text message as soon as there’s a new job advertised at Joseph Rowntree Foundation / Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust but a lot of people are struggling to make it work.

I know it works though because I receive the texts and so does my colleague.

JRF jobs text from IFTTT - screengrab2

This is what you need to do:

1. follow a link to the recipe I created
2. click ‘Use Recipe’
3. Join IFTTT (this is free and requires only a username, email address and password)
4. Click ‘Use recipe’ again
5. Enter your mobile number (because we’re in the UK you’ll have to replace the first ‘0’ with ’00 +44′ (so if your mobile number started 07979… you would enter 00 +44 7979…etc.)
6. IFTTT will text you a 4-digit pin number. Enter this number where prompted to confirm the mobile number you’ve given them is your own

That should be it. You may have to scroll down and click ‘Use recipe’ one final time.

NB you will not receive a text message from IFTTT until there is a new job posted on the website (here).

Please let me know whether this works or not – either in a comment or you can email me on


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